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I’ve been laughing a lot lately. Laughing at myself; my old self. Twenty-two years is all I have on this planet. Barely twenty-two. Only a little over a week ago I was twenty-one. Now twenty-one feels so distant. Everything up till this point seems unreal. Sure it happened but all the purposes I have lined up to this point are unclear. I did not picture my life ending up where I am. Then again, my life always turns out drastically different from my plan. What the point of even making plans? Here’s my new theory: DON’T. Don’t make future plans. If you must, hold them lightly in your hand. Don’t budget your money for the uncertain. If you have to choose, choose to spend your money on helping others. Don’t get disappointed when your expectations are  not met. Don’t even have expectations. Don’t count on other people to bring you happiness. Never count on yourself either. If you can, count on Jesus. Don’t wait for things to happen. Don’t try to make things happen. Don’t wait for people to change. Don’t try to make people change. Don’t put your life on hold for anything. Your life is more valuable than that. There is no pressure. No one ever wakes up and says to themselves: “At last! I’ve finally arrived!” No, that would be ridiculous. Life is learning. Life is struggling. Life is making the best of circumstances. Slowly, we are allowed a glimpse of understanding the future but only in the form of the past. Look ahead excitedly. Eagerly live in the present. Meditate on what’s already passed. This is living. This is life.  This is now.

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Birthday Thoughts

I just found some old letters and cards from my deceased grandparents and great grandmother. This note popped out at me….

“Passing beyond the shadow into a purer light,
Stepping behind a curtain, getting a clearer sight,
Passing out of the shadow into eternal day:
Why do we call it dying – this sweet going away?–

For the Christian, death is the last shadow before heaven’s dawn”

I do miss them. Especially today, since they would have been a part of it. At the same time I am happy because I know I will see them again. Not everyone has that great hope and joy. So instead of being sad that they aren’t here with me today I am going to share a list of 22 things they taught me about life. Many without knowing it.

  1. I am loved.
  2. Marriage is a commitment between two people devoted to selfless sacrifice towards one another. After seeing the way my grandparents would fight, tease and flirt with each other and my grandfather’s broken heart ache at my grandmother’s passing; I know marriage is NOT a failed institution and that true love DOES exist. Therefore,
  3. Never lower your standards. Boys, you can thank my Grandfather for my ridiculously high standards when it comes to your worthiness.
  4. Stuff is just that, stuff. You can’t take it with you so don’t get attached. Rather use the stuff God has given you to bless others.
  5. E-mail is over rated. Write letters. Yes, old fashioned handwritten letters. And yes, send them in the mail!
  6. God’s word is precious. Treat it with respect. Hide it in your heart. Let it spill through into your life, in all that you do.
  7. Record what God has done for you. Tell others. Pass on the blessings. Other wise, you might forget. God deserves the credit.
  8. Family comes first. There are a lot of things that are replaceable but family is not one of them.
  9. Forgiveness can change the hardest of hearts and heal the deepest of hurts.
  10. Laugh. Laugh again. Then laugh some more. Tears must be included. Repeat.
  11. Turn off the T.V. {unless it’s the race 😉 } and play some good old fashioned card games. Spades of course. Also, grandma kicks butt when it comes to cards. Watch out, she’s a beast.
  12. Be generous but never spoil. This is a hard balance but some how they managed to find it every time.
  13. Food is to be enjoyed. Food is to be shared. Food brings people together. So if you’re having a party have a PARTY!
  14. All people are created equal. Show kindness and respect to everyone. Even if they don’t “deserve” it.
  15. Dishes can always be done later. Don’t fret over the small stuff.
  16. Jesus should be the center of every home. They had a large picture of Jesus hanging in their home. It was like Jesus was always watching over us; a permanent fixture in their home (and for all you skeptics no I am not saying they/we worshiped the picture).
  17. Going to church is not an option. It is a privilege.
  18. A little country music never hurt any one. Though it may be the reason I am celebrating my 22nd birthday. Let’s just say when a certain song or two came on my grandparents became 16 again.
  19. Hard work pays off in time. Never stop being a responible person. He who can be trusted with little will be trusted with much.
  20. Splurge every once in a while.
  21. Never stop learning.
  22. And most importantly, there is good in everyone, everything and everywhere. You might have to look a while for it or you might not even see it…but it is there. God uses everything, everyone and every place for good. So never ever give up on anyone.                                                                                                       
The slightly over dramatic girly optimist

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