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This month, my dear friend Olive and I have embarked on thirty-one days of reading. Not just ordinary reading. Recorded reading. Dum, dum, DUM! Actually, it’s my rather lame attempt to get back into books on a daily basis. We both love to read. College, however has kicked my butt when it comes to reading. Three years of dry textbooks is a prison sentence for a growing mind. When I took time off from school I didn’t want to sit down and read anything. Then I finally wanted to read anything but a text book. I’ve been reading a few books here and there; but nothing like before college. Those were the days when you would have to pry the worn pages from my fingers. I want that Rachel back. I want my mind to be stimulated. I want the world at my fingertips. Literally. And since Olive suggested we participate in the National Novel Writing Month of November….I figured we might as well use October for a head start in the right direction.

So what shall we be reading?…
The Help is at the top of the list. After watching the movie we both fell in love. And for the most part books beat the movies before they even know they’re in a competition. If The Help turns out to be better in print than on screen I might possibly die from happiness. We also will be keeping track of our scripture readings. This was, again, mostly my idea because I need some help in this department. It happens, yes. Just not as often as it should. I’ve started with the book of Isaiah. Not sure if I’ll be sticking with it but I want to try. Books don’t matter in comparison with THEE book of ages.

Keep checking back to see our progress. Maybe I’ll convince Olive to post hers online as well. No promises….but I am a rather persuasive person.

Day One: Saturday, October 1st.
Current Book Reading: How To Be A Heburn In A Hilton World.
Thoughts: This book is just what I needed to read. Basically, today I learned that I need to buy a cute pair of boots instead of giving second rate guys a chance. Also, buying bras and Bahama cruises are a great alternative to plastic surgery. In all seriousness though, this book has a lot of valid points concerning women in America. Classy is the name of the game.
Bible Reading: Isaiah Chapter One.
Thoughts: Honestly, at this point I am pathetic and retained more information from the Heburn book than the Bible. Trust me, I will be working on this.


The slightly over dramatic girly optimist


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  1. Sounds like a good goal!

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