Even when no one is listening…

Octoberness the Sixth

Today I decided to become a college drop out. Technically I’ve been one for about a nine months in the midst of transferring programs and schools. Nine months of no classes, deadlines (of the schooling nature), fees, ignorant professors, and papers. Nine months to reflect on where I am in life. Nine months to realize that  every door is shutting leading to finishing my degree. To be honest, I still haven’t fully convinced myself that I am doing the right thing. More like taking a step in faith and seeing what happens. Someday I might go back. Maybe I never will. Either way, I do not need a degree to succeed in life. Three years at Grace has given me a solid biblical foundation of learning. This past year I’ve been able to put that learning into use by jumping into what we like to call (dare I say it?) reality! The best part of this all is that my learning is increasing. And without the added pressure of going back to school I can focus on education from other means. This is going to be an exciting chapter of my life. Please be praying for me though. I don’t want to ignore God’s call when it is time to go back or get discouraged by those who question my choice OR be a nasty woman to the TESC representative when they call me back. 🙂

In a somewhat related topic….today I also discovered that I don’t like not knowing what’s going on. Not just in major life issues, such as, my future education. Even in the little things like conversations around me. I cannot stand being ignored or unheard. Not sure if this is a good, bad or neutral character trait. That’s me though. Rachel. Trying to understand everything instead of understanding that God has things covered. That’s all that matters. And I am gonna be telling myself that moment by moment.

With all of this going on I am excited to start reading my next book (borrowed from Olive dear). Eat.Pray.Love.

-Slightly over dramatic girly optimist


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  1. christina said:

    Ah I will be praying for you. I also stopped going to collage as a senior. I had enough education to get a job in the field i wanted. My learning problems got in the way of that
    BA. I also dont like to be ignored or not listened to. Those collage reps are like marketing people they keep calling even when you say no. hard to be nice with them when you have said no. I was thinking of going to internet school collage just to learn and they are still calling me a year later. I like your list of graditudes. I think I need to start that up again. Things I am thankful for is bigger then my losses. I saw that movie, never read the book. Hope you like it. 🙂

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