Even when no one is listening…

Octoberness the Tenth

Weekend update!

Right now I am sitting in Wawaka, Indiana eating a Chocolate Cherry Love Blizzard. A much needed Blizzard. I’d say today  has not been a good day but that’s not entirely true. The weather is beautiful, I slept in till 10:30, got all my work done, rode in a tractor, spending time with dear friends… today HAS been good. It just started out a little frustrating. To make an entirely confusing and looooong story short, I locked my cell phone in my van at the shop in Kimmell and have no way of getting it out (cept for breaking in and with that the risk of being arrested) until tomorrow morning. Lesson learned: I AM FAR TOO DEPENDENT ON MY CELL PHONE.  A night without it will do me well.

Current Readings: I am still reading Eat.Pray.Love. but it’s taking me awhile to get through it due to being busy. Seriously, I ‘ve only made it to chapter 12 out of 109. Yikes.

Thoughts: The author decided to take a year off and travel to three different countries all in an effort to “discover herself.” I want to do that. I am ready to do that, almost in the arrogant I-don’t-fear-life type of way. Truth is, I can’t just leave Indiana for a year. I’ve rooted myself far too deep in ministry to just up and leave. People would actually miss me. Or at least the things I do for them. So I suppose finding myself on another continent shall have to wait. Until then, I’ll just eat more icecream and watch Man.Woman.Wild. with  my buddies Emily and Drew.

-The slightly over dramatic girly optimist.

P.S. My next post promises to be deeper in content.


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