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“I am the one who spent my first weeks in Rome wandering about, 90 percent lost and 100 percent happy, seeing everything around me as an unexplainable beautiful mystery. But this is how the world kind of always looks to me” (page 89).

Ever read a book then come across a section that is so relatable you almost wonder if you wrote the book? No I have never been to Rome. Yet, this fits my perspective completely. Always wondering and wandering; always confident and content (for the most part). There is beauty in everything. Not because I see it as beautiful. There is beauty because God has left His fingerprints across the universe. I find it quite impossible to not see good in every aspect of life; even the ugly dark moments of life.

This next excerpt could very well been written about me as well.

“The only thing I ever want to know about any place or any person is the story , this is the only thing I watch for- never for aesthetic details. [A friend] came to my apartment a month after I’d moved into the place and said, ‘Nice pink bathroom,’ and this was the first time I’d noticed that is was, indeed, pink. Bright pink, from floor to ceiling, bright pink tile everywhere – I honestly hadn’t seen it before” (page 89).

My family gives me a hard time about this quality. And not without good reason. For example: One day I came home from work and noticed an outdoor sink attached to our house next to the garden hose. Surprised I came inside and asked when we got the sink. Their reply, “over a year ago.” Not.Even.Kidding. And that’s just one example. I’ve been known to go without noticing haircuts, new furniture, dents, gaping holes, plants, appliances etc (to my defense I always notice new shoes).

I cannot explain why I am like this. It frustrates me , just as much as, those closest to me. And yes, I’ve tried to change by purposefully setting out to notice differences. My theory is that I simply see the world differently and adapt accordingly (if I realize it or not is a different matter). It’s not that I don’t see the world around me; I just don’t recognize that things are different. And while I am ignorant of the physical world changing, I am hypersensitive to the emotional aspects of life. Almost like a sixth sense that is overcompensating. Sound creepy? It kinda is. The emotional sphere of life is where I tend to resonate. I not only see the pain, concern, happiness, irritation, sorrow, excitement, caution, love, joy of the people around me- I feel it too.  Truth be told, if I had to chose between noticing a new sink OR the pain of a friend, there would be no competition. Still, I am grateful for the people in my life who live in the physical sphere. We need each other. We balance each other out. So thanks to all of you who have helped me see the invisibly obvious.

Now for my faithful three subscribers (thank you by the way) who are wondering why I neglected to update last night, boy do I have a story for you! Last night, I went to work my PM serving shift at Bob’s. It was almost time to clock on. So there I am minding my own business. Standing by the cold rail talking to Bridget then… CRASH! SHATTER! SCREAM! (not my scream mind you).   I turn around. Glass is shattered all over the floor. Bridget is standing there shocked. “Are you okay Rachel? I dropped a glass.” That’s when I notice a sharp pain in the back of my right leg. “I don’t know my leg hurts.” We both look and there is an inch long gash about a dime’s width deep. So I grab a paper towel to stop the bleeding. My manager takes me to the office and makes me sit down. We examine the cut. It was pretty bad and wouldn’t stop bleeding. Yet, only two things are on my mind: 1. I don’t want stitches! 2. Oh, man my panty hose are ripped now!  Eventually we were able to bandage it up (which was awkward because I couldn’t even put on my own band aid due to the awkward position of the cut and the fact that panty hose is not exactly easy to adhere a band aid to). Then we got slammed with customers. So instead of getting off my feet to allow the stupid thing to clot I ended up ripping the thing open again. All I could do was roll with things. For about a hour I was ready to burst into tears because I was giving less than perfect service and a sharp pain shot through my leg every three steps. Finally, it stopped hurting and I couldn’t feel anything. And the bleeding still hadn’t stopped. Do you realize how difficult it is to serve when you’re checking/reapplying a band aid every two minutes? Of course not. Meanwhile, I am praying asking God to do His thing and my fellow girls are helping me stay afloat ( I love them for that J We really are a family at Bob’s). Then a couple hours later, when the rush ended, I looked at my leg and found that it had STOP BLEEDING! At that point it looked like it needed stitches but I wasn’t about to go to the ER for a couple stitches. So I helped clean up the disaster left in the kitchen and headed home. Mom cleaned it out and we decided to go to the afterhour’s clinic in the morning. Let’s just say I went to bed dreading the morning. However, as stated previously, God is AMAZING. My cut practically closed up over night. No infection either. Which makes for one happy Rachel. I am pretty much a pansy when it comes to the idea of sewing my flesh. Yes, this tale may be a bit overdramatic but it’s what happened. And I am uber grateful that:



Comments on: "Octoberness the Fifteenth (and 14th)" (3)

  1. Olivia Noel said:

    It makes me happy you said “jugular”
    Also it makes me happy you weren’t permanently damaged or anything, but I think you usage of jugular might make me slightly more happy 😉

  2. I’m just thankful that you’re OK.

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