Even when no one is listening…

NaNoWriMo Day #11

*Gasp* It’s 11-11-11! Yes, I am just going to add to the hype for today. No, I don’t believe in numerology or that somehow today’s wishes are a guarantee. There is something magical about today even if it’s only coming from the desperate hope of millions of teenagers across the globe. Since 11 is my favorite number I can appreciate their sentiments. Also, the fact that I can tell my grandchildren that I was alive today is pretty grand. So make a wish or say a prayer at 11:11 tonight. Just because.

Now back to NaNoWriMo. Due to a series of excuses I have not reached my proper word count. In fact, I don’t even want to calculate how far behind I am because I know it will only cause me to NEVER finish this novel. I am loving writing this story. The shock factor of the content combined with the secrecy behind it all is enthralling. I am writing when I feel like it; unconcerned by my word count. This probably goes against the sacred NaNoWriMo rules but I simply do not care. This is my story. These are my characters. I shall do whatever I please with them :p

In other news…I love my job. Seriously. I spent 23 hours working in the past 48 hours. Somehow I managed time for sleep, family and eating with the other 25 hours. It’s worth having a savings account and the satisfaction of putting in a good day’s work.

-SlightlyOver Dramatic Girly Optimist

Click here to watch a lame video about NaNo.


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