Even when no one is listening…

{December 15th}

This month hasn’t exactly gone as planned. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just not as expected. Olivia and I had grand plans for yarn bombing the universe. Needless to say, they didn’t fall through. We are still collecting data for “The God Project.” And that’s going slower than anticipated. I am think we are going to continue “The God Project” throughout 2012 and collect data at the end of the year. Still, this month is bursting with creativity. I’ve been reading consistently thanks to the sparks started in October. Just finished “Waiting” a memoir on waitressing.  It’s insane how many minuscule details I related to. Some things mentioned I hadn’t really noticed until reading the book. Such as, how much the profession is looked down upon. Waiting tables is seen as a job for the less fortunate or down right stupid. Frankly, I make twice as much in half the time as the average working woman. All while getting a great workout, lessons in patience and meeting new people. Sure there are some “dumb” waitresses out there but they don’t last long in the business. You’ve either got it or you don’t. So the next time you feel like degrading the vocation – think again.


Next year we will get back into the groove. Currently, Olive and I are debating what creative endeavors to pursue. Well, maybe debating isn’t quite the right term 😉 More like pitifully trying to come up with ideas. So if you have any drop us a line.


Now here comes the serious part of this post. Our Senior Pastor, Terry Zolman went to be with Jesus last night after an accident resulting in a head injury. He is a dear loved man of God. The last Sunday he preached to our congregation he said,

“People don’t drift towards holiness they decide that they need it.”

His words stuck out to me and I will remember it always. Pastor Terry’s life was characterized by the pursuit of holiness. A holiness that he now is sharing with his Lord 🙂 Please pray for his wife Julie; that our church body will know how to care for her needs as a widow. This time is bittersweet. That really is the only way to express it. We know he is with our savior, enjoying all of His glory and pleasure. Still, we are aching from this temporary loss. Only through the love and comfort of the Holy Spirit do we find peace. In all of this I am amazed at the common brotherly love expressed throughout my church body. Thank you for lifting us up before His throne. We are blessed through tragedy.


-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optmist.


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