Even when no one is listening…


I never update this.

Anymore that is…

I’ve been reading consistently though I never did quite finish Eat.Pray.Love. (should probably get on that). I DID read: And the Bride Wore White, Coraline & Stardust this month. There might have been another book but I can’t remember :/ Now I am onto Uncle Tom’s Cabin; that is, as long as, it keeps my interest. A while back, I made a promise to myself never to read a book I didn’t enjoy. If you’re gonna put a lot of time into a book then it might as well be worth it!

Christmas was grand. Not because of the gifts, food or time to myself. Rather it boils down to one simple fact: my family rocks. (Well, and I guess the pearl earrings my Dad picked out weren’t too shabby either). Also, I recently discovered that the show The Middle pretty much sums up my family. Minus the beer and the mom working outside the home of course.

New Years is coming up and I am EXCITED! I love New Years =D There’s just something magical about starting a New Year. This holiday is like an infinite amount of second chances in life.

The Yarn Bombing has not officially happened yet. BUT it shall. It shall I tell you. So don’t give up on us yet. BTW Olivia changed her tumblr (that little booger). Here’s the new one. 


-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist

And insert random picture of girliness here….


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