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Hey look Olivia! I am updating my blog *gasp* Oh, and hello to anyone else that reads this thing 😉 Currently, I am chilling with my lil brother Camren as he plays Angry Birds Rio on my cell. Naturally, we are listening to the movie sound track. Colby just ran by clutching a pair of undies screaming, “YA! I get to wear green underwear!!!!” Yes, this is a typical day in the Sproles household. Been trying to get over a nasty cold/ allergy problems. I am not used to getting colds!

Well, back to something a little more on track. I started a book journal for this year. So far I’ve only read two books this year. The idea is when I finish a book to copy down all my favorite quotes and section from the book. So far it’s worked out grand. And the two books I’ve read? Choosing God’s Best and Redeeming Love. Next up, The Sin Eater. Should be splendid.

-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist



Never drop your phone onto your laptop. The number four will appear in your next blog title (without reason) and a billion different internet windows will appear. Overall, just not a good idea.

In other news, I forgot to mention that I did in fact complete my story for NaNoWriMo. Well, sorta. It’s only 12.458 words. 214 of which I am not sure if I’ll be keeping. No one has read it yet. Might just stay that way. Either way, I feel rather accomplished for having finished my story.

Andddddddd. Tuesday is the start of my painting lessons. So, so SO excited! This year is going to be a year of trying news things. Last year, Victoria and I set out for a year of Trust & Adventure. Well, I plan on keeping that attitude throughout 2012. There’s nothing one can’t do with just a bit of faith 😉

-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optmist

New Year’s 2012

New Year’s Eve we (friends and family) sent a paper lantern into the rather windy night sky. Our New Year’s resolutions were written across the thin purple paper. Kudos to Drew and Shawn for spending over fifteen minutes trying to light the base. The moment was magical and we didn’t catch anything on fire.

At midnight we hugged and took pictures. Then Sunday we all rode in my mini van for communion Sunday at Merriam Christian Chapel. After church, eleven people gathered at my dining room table for an awesome diner of: Roast, beans, mashed potatoes, russet potatoes, stuffing, mac & cheese, carrots, rice and rolls. All thrown together in less than 30 minutes.


In other news, starting Tuesday I’ll be taking lessons in Acrylic Painting with the loverly Amy Staton. While my art style is a little outside the norm I plan on jumping full force into the lessons =D

-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist

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