Even when no one is listening…


Before I jump into the meaning behind the title of this post I HAVE to comment on the Hunger Games. I finished them all yesterday. No, they don’t turn out the way most of the general population would suspect. (Don’t worry no spoilers here). Yes, you will remember this series for the rest of your life. Honestly, I thought that the Hunger Games would be just another crazy teenage girl craze based upon a love triangle. While there is a love triangle involved it is so much at the back burner compared to the series’ overall theme that at times you forget it’s even there. Just the perfect amount of romance ­čśë Still I have to ask: Peeta or Gale?

With all the hype over the Hunger Games movie it’s hard to hit google without it popping up. Try this site for instance – international book covers. I think our country got it right. Now for a few photographs….

And for all of you who love me please, please, please get me this ­čśë

Okay back to the real topic….

Detoxification. This implies toxins that need removed. We all have them. America (and┬áother┬ácountries) are obsessed with all these detox potions and pills. That’s NOT what I am talking about. I am talking about spring cleaning of the soul. Here’s my personal list:

1.┬áUnnecessary┬ápurchases.┬áI love clothes and shoes and handbags and┬ájewelry…. you get the picture. Earlier this month I set a goal of not buying any of these things for the entire month. Still going strong. Though I will admit that I had to purchase a few things for my work uniform. I don’t think that counts as an unnecessary clothing purchase so all is well. I plan to continue this until May 17th. The day before I leave for vacation. That gives me some time to get anything I may want to enjoy my summer in New York ­čśë

2.┬áBooks.┬áAnyone who knows me knows that I adore books. I view practically any book purchase as good and possibly needed. Always thinking to the future; knowing that in even five years books may become an endangered┬áspecies. Sad but true. This kinda conflicts with my end of the year goal of having all┬áthe┬áDr. Seuss books even printed. So I’ve made a little exception. Other than that let’s see if I can make it until May 17th without buying books!

3. Health.┬áAbout this time last year, Victoria and I entered into a “Drop Ten” challenge. Well it’s that time of year again. So, we’ve been more┬ánutritionally┬áminded and calorie conscience. I’m not trying to lose ten pounds though (sorry Victoria) I just want to eat healthier.

So that’s my detoxification goals. While clothes, books and food are not toxins they can become so if not used properly. What are your spring cleaning goals?

-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist.


Comments on: "Detoxification" (2)

  1. Spring cleaning…
    I too am wanting to eat spring! Aka healthy. ­čśë Spring lettuce, leafy things, veggie things…
    That is why I have been making Kale chips. YUMMM!
    Also, going to get my shelf put up in my “Spare Oom”. (spare room) It is a bit overwhelming and all my junk goes in there. I badly need to get it organized.
    That is my spring cleaning challenge.

  2. Olivia Noel said:

    Peeta, DUH! ­čśë

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