Even when no one is listening…


Summer is so close I can taste it! Ahhhhh =D And it’s inspiring. So inspiring that I’ve been writing again… consistently. That’s the key word in all of this. There’s a wonderful pile of books setting in my room with words of wisdom on being a “real” author. I only had to read the introduction to “90 Days To Your Novel” to know I was doing it wrong. Writers write – consistently. If you are always waiting for inspiration to hit you then nothing will get done. Write, people, WRITE! So I did. Before the inspiration returned knocking on my door (okay well maybe banging). And the irony of writing is, if you don’t wait for inspiration it usually finds you anyway.


While we are on the subject of writing…what are your secrets?

I recently discovered that writing everything in first person, jumping around from character to character works splendidly…because later I can go back and rewrite it in third person without losing any riveting details OR characterization.

-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist


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