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Warning: if you are a member of the conservative or even remotely conservative Christian party then this blog update has a 99.9% chance of offending you. No, I am not going to tell you to stop reading. Actually, it might be good for you to interact with opinions that differ from your own worldview.

First off, I’d like to point out that the world is NOT black and white. We are foolish to even hope that it is. With roughly 7,000,000,000 of us populating 196 countries with an uncountable amount of cultures, subcultures and religions how could there be one set way of looking at things? No, I am NOT saying that morals are subjective. I strongly believe that they are objective. Across the world there are several issues of morality that most of us agree upon; murder being a prime example. Even there, however, is a grey issue of self-defense but we won’t go there. That being said, I do believe that there is a set standard set in the very being of the human race given by a higher power that I believe to be God. I also believe that there are things in life that are not clear; things we have to figure out with the tools of reason, logic, morality and scripture.

So what level of social institution has the right to determine and defend morality? There is no clear cut answer to this question either. Yes, I believe God sets the standard of morality. And scripture is rather clear that He is fully aware of those in positions of authority whether we agree with those holding the positions or not. Does that mean government should have the right to enforce morality? And if so, should Christians advocate for their government to enforce the Christian principles as outlined in the Bible? Obviously, society needs some sort of structure to survive and thrive. Laws, if made for the benefit of the many  yet also protecting the civil rights of the few are good. Let’s face it though – WE DO NOT LIVE IN A WORLD THAT 100% RECOGNIZES AND ACCEPTS JESUS CHRIST AS LORD. This is not the Kingdom of God. Though we have glimpses of God’s Kingdom in this world the Bible is very clear about the way the world is. If God were to write a letter to believers in America today I think it would read a little something like this….

Dear Followers,

In case you haven’t noticed this place sucks. It has for a long time and is going to suck for even longer still. The force of  Evil is ruling over the hearts of  mankind but I have given Good the upper hand.   Once thing doesn’t settle right with me though. Why are so many of who trying to turn this place into a dictatorship? You rejected my leadership and now you think the government is going to help you? Ha! Nothing is going to be completely better until the whole places burns. That’s right. Burns. Remember how I told you I was going to do that instead of the flood from earlier? Goodness, I gave you an entire book that explains all of this. And I am God so I know it’s easy to understand since I created language and all that jazz.  So just to be clear (because apparently you didn’t get it the first time) this world is NOT your home. So stop acting like it is! Otherwise, you’ll start looking a lot like all those “sinners” you like to think you’re so much better than. Do you not remember where you came from? Where YOU were headed. That’s right. Damnation and punishment. Now that you’ve got what you call a “get out of hell free card” doesn’t mean you have the right to impose your beliefs on others. Do you have any idea how that makes me look? Or my son for that matter? You’re destroying the message of forgiveness and love that I sent Him to die over. Guess what? I love the gays, prostitutes, drug dealers, embezzlers, drunks, addicts, divorced; EVERYONE. Yes, you’re special but so is everyone else. I love you but I don’t love how you are representing my message. Jesus came to destroy every kind of prejudice but I see you using politics to draw a huge line over the one He erased by His sacrificial death. That’s right. Jesus died for everyone. I know I am bursting a few bubbles here but you’ll get over it. Jesus died for the gays. Jesus died for the prostitutes. Jesus died for all the hopeless losers. And yes, that includes you. While we are on the subject I’d like to note that your job is to simply love everyone the way Jesus loved. That was the parting message of Jesus you know. So start loving and stop judging. That’s my place being God and all. Let me deal with humanity. You’ve got enough to do with balancing your check book, and maintaining a rather circular existence by eating, pooping, sleeping and working until Jesus comes back to be worried about the other 7,000,000,000 people in the world.

With  loving affection,


Anyways… the point is that it is NOT the place of Government to enforce a religious state. Now, I know most of you would agree with that statement while acting in a completely contradicting manner. For example: the gay rights movement. Yes, I am going there. Based on all this Chick-Fil-A controversy it seems appropriate. Who really cares if the president of a company in the commercial food industry is against gay marriage? I certainly don’t. That should not effect my choice to purchase a sodium filled chicken sandwich from his company. The matter has nothing to do with marriage. Frankly, while I do not support gay marriage I DO support gay rights because they are civil rights. Telling people they can’t get legally married isn’t going to change the fact that they are choosing a gay lifestyle. You are not saving, protecting or defending marriage by denying civil liberties. In fact, by going so strongly against their lifestyle with  really not any reasonable logic you are strengthening their beliefs. Seriously, I could be wrong but if I were a homosexual I would not see protests against my desire to be allowed to legally marry as anything but ignorance. No gay is going to see a Chick-Fil-A protest and support event and go “Hey, because of all those Christians buying chicken I am going to change my ways and become straight.” See how ridiculous this logic is?! There is only one thing that can change a person inside out and that is Jesus Christ’s redeeming unconditional love. Nothing else. I choose to accept the fact that the world is full of sin, evil and all that goes against Jesus Christ. There is also a lot of hope and good because of Jesus Christ. Eternity hasn’t come full circle yet…but it will. I long for the day when all is made right, however, let us not forget that God is long suffering and wishes that all mankind be drawn to himself. If you really want to make a difference then live out the gospel message with your lifestyle of following Christ; loving others and loving Him.

 In the words of Francis of Assisi “Preach the gospel and if necessary use words.”

Up for intellectual discussion,

Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist


Comments on: "Chick-Fil-What?!" (2)

  1. Margaret Sproles said:

    While the world is not black and white : God IS and so is His worldview. His worldview, as expressed in His Word the Bible, is the only real Truth. Man’s view of truth/worldview means nothing in comparison to God’s black and white worldview. He trumps us every single time, No matter what we say or choose to believe, He is right. Viewing gays rights as a merely civil rights issue is a very slippery slope. Everyone needs the opportunity to work based on their qualifications alone. But elevating gay marriage to the same level of traditional marriage, belittles the institution of marriage that God created. God’s design works best and whenever man has tried to change what God has ordained, it never works out well. Whether it is called a “civil rights” issue or not, does not matter because we serve God and what he says goes. Thank you for allowing intellectual discussion and bringing this topic up 🙂

    • Slippery slope? Equating gay marriage to the level of traditional marriage? Let’s take a look at what happens if we follow this logic. There are many things in this country that go against the way we believe God intended the world to be. Marriage is just one of them. For example: shall we outlaw divorces? Or what about affairs? Oh wait we already tried that and it didn’t go so well 😉 Let’s take a whole other issue; say obesity. Surely, God did not want us all to be fat and greedy…right? Then why not make it illegal to be overweight? Or to be wealthy for that matter.My point really has more to do with the place of government in society than the actual gay rights debate. We need to be consistent.

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