Even when no one is listening…


When people ask me why I believe in an afterlife I really have no concrete answer. I could say it’s because the Bible references it but the vagueness of scripture on the matter tends to bring about more questions than answers. Logically, there is only one explanation (outside of religious tradition and teaching) for my belief in the continuation of life after physical death – the fact that mankind loves. Not only that, but feels so vibrantly that it is seemingly foolish to neglect the possibility of the immortal soul. I feel, therefore, I am confident that an unseen part of me exists. I’ve heard several theories on emotions and there possible connection to the concept of the soul, many concluding that emotions are merely biological reactions to the environment around us; or emotions are simply electrons floating about in the brain. Or that existence is merely a conscious awareness of self; therefore, we cease to be after our physical death.  I disagree. There is something more. I do not claim to know what or how to define it. Just that it simply is. Whatever the essence of life is – it simply IS.

I could be wrong. I could always be wrong. This is not a theory that can be proven…but I am okay with that. Life is full of uncertainty. In fact,   “The only certainty is that nothing is certain.”  We live in universe that is wholly diverse yet complexly connected. The mystery will never be fully solved-  Only bits and pieces. That is the grand adventure of living. Constantly learning. Continually discovering.  Try and fight it. You will lose. Only once we accept the truth that our understanding is limited can we embrace the beauty of living. There is truth out there. And it is worth seeking out. After all, “The only reason to believe something is because that something is true.”

The truth is out there.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”


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