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This thing called God?

My heart is swelling with the reality of past events. Yesterday, was a day in which I entered with conviction. Those days are essential to growth as an individual. Only when we stand in opposition do we learn lessons of integrity, self-respect and character. Sunshiney days are nice but the rain teaches us how to truly dance. No matter how I try to look at it, conflict is necessary for peace. Life is all a game of balance. We cannot tilt the scales without consequences. That is why doing what is right is of supreme importance. Truth is what binds the universe together. That which is proven fact. That which is morally objective. I do not claim to understand how truth functions nor it’s properties wholly. Truth is the ultimate reality; with subjective qualities complementing the objective.

Christians are uncomfortable with this reality but it cannot be ignored. Opinions, beliefs, culture, world view, and customs abound on the paths we take through life. No two people walk identical paths. We walk together with various souls during our life time; never knowing with certainty how long we have together. That is the beauty of living. Diversity within unity. Chaos within order. Complexity among simplicity. This is how the nature of that which is real functions. The Christian god-head/ trinity is simply an expression struggling to explain the nature of the supreme reality. That’s what God is after all – supreme reality. (Don’t believe me? Check the dictionary. ) And if the supreme reality truly is supreme and real then why does Christianity limit the boundaries and expectations of such a God? To me, that is pure foolishness. Whatever, whoever, and however the concept of God is should not be limited to one viewpoint. Our understanding of God is so limited that I believe we have no right to impose one understanding over another.

I relate to God on a more personable and emotional level. Is that because God is a being that only desires a personal relationship with humanity? I think not. God is so much more than that. And while I perceive God as a personable entity that is not to say we cannot relate to God on a logical impersonal level as well. Science is not incompatible with belief in God. On the other hand, neither is atheism (for those of you who just gasped and damned my soul to hell for that statement make sure you have the right definition. Atheism is the disbelief in the existence of deity. And for those of you who don’t know what deity is, let me help you out – “One personal being exalted or revered as supremely good or powerful).

The modern day Christian faith demands conditionalism in reference to doctrinal beliefs while claiming to offer unconditional love from a God person. This is inconsistent; and I know that I’m going to be condemned by “the church” for pointing this out. Frankly, I don’t care. Christianity demands an attitude of religious imperialism dependent on blind faith. Mind you that this is not the biblical definition of faith encourage by Jesus Christ. An excerpt from another blog helps explain this best.

“The most comprehensive treatment on the subject of faith found in Scripture is found in Hebrews 11.  Often regarded as the “faith hall of fame”, this chapter sets forth a concise definition of faith in its first verse:  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

A closer look at the attributes given to faith found in this verse will greatly increase our understanding of what faith really is.  The word “substance” is translated from the Greek word hupostatis.  This word, which is translated as “confidence” in 3:14, means “the strongest possible form of confidence that something is true“.  The word “evidence”, found within this verse and translated from elegchos, literally means “a strong conviction“.  The verse, literally translated, would read, “Now faith is the confidence of things hoped for and the conviction (or assurance) of things not seen.”

By looking carefully at this and other portions of Scripture, we can ascertain that the Biblical concept of faith is not an irrational leap into the dark, but a reasonable step into the light.  Although our faith rests in things which cannot be seen, it does so after being previously convinced that those things, though unseen, are real nonetheless.”

Where did Christianity go wrong? When did faith lose it’s sight? Jesus’ core message of selfless love towards others is still true today. Christianity has distorted it into a sick intolerance of other belief systems regardless of their core message. I didn’t see the inconsistency  until I started to ask awkward questions. Like: What about people who have never heard the name of Jesus yet worship God? Is there logical argumentation for the existence of God apart from the Bible? How do we know the Bible to be true? After all , if I am basing my entire belief system upon a book it should be factual. And so on…

As long as, I believe what I’m told to believe without using (Dare I say it?!) free thinking, logic, science and reason than I am a “good” Christian. After all, everyone knows that a good christian has faith and will blindly accept anything the Bible. church and/or tradition claims as truth.

Any individual with an inkling of common sense will see the dilemma with this theory. Why do you think children are so inquisitive? The best question we can ask is – Why? Why do we believe anything? the answer should be because it is true. The truth is the only thing worth believing. And any religion that uses blind faith as a means of seeking truth is irrational. Jesus himself spoke out against this by encouraging people to seek the truth. Ask. Knock. Seek. It is this attitude and lifestyle that we are meant to embrace with all our soul, mind and body. I cannot keep quiet about this. Modern day Christianity is screwed up. I dare those who claim to be Christians to study what Jesus actually said and see if it lines up with doctrinal teaching being taught today (or even the writings of Paul).

I do not claim to have all the answers; but at least I am trying to find them. The more earnestly I seek the more answers I find. The more doors I knock on the more doors are opened. The more I ask the more I receive a deeper understanding of how great God really is and the church is not. God should be big enough to question. I will not worship a God that cannot handle my curiosity.  What would be the point? There wouldn’t. I wouldn’t speak out against the hypocrisy had I not experienced the bigotry of “believers” first hand. People who claim the name of Christ, people I trusted, people I respected. Now I understand why so many folks are turned away from the name of Christ, religion and the Bible. We F***** up the truth. And are too blinded by “faith” to see it.

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