Even when no one is listening…

The only constant is CHANGE

ImageSomeone asked me a thought provoking question this week – “Do you believe that your worldview is the same it was a year and a half ago?”

The question was so simple yet absurd. A slight chuckle escaped my lips. “I sure hope so,” was my answer. “Otherwise I am not learning anything. I like to think that I am changing for good.” 

Worldview changes are  good normal healthy events in human life. I am certainly NOT the same person I was a year and a half ago. Honestly, I am not the same person I was yesterday. And neither are you. That’s an essential part of being human. We change. We grow. We learn. Change is terrifyingly beautiful. Sadly, too many of us get hung up on the terrifying aspect of change. It hinders our growth as an intellectually and emotionally mature person. We cannot stop physical change. Sure we can try to cover it up with makeup and Rogaine and try to slow aging down with vitamins, creams and exercise; but there is no stopping the fierce power of change. Unfortunately, many of us have discovered the key to stopping intellectual and emotional change. Purposeful ignorance. By shutting the world out we create a stale environment where ideas and emotions cannot grow. Thus becoming stagnant beings; then when someone or something comes along that stirs up the pot, it becomes furiously uncomfortable to remain the same.

“Change will come when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change.”

Change is inevitable. So we might as well embrace it. And those who are offended by the change in your life do not deserve to be a part of it. If someone truly cares about you as a person then their affection will not be conditional. That’s what true love is all about. Making a choice to remain in a person’s life regardless of who they become, where they go and what they believe. Those are the people I want in my life. Those are the people I chose to surround myself with; because we can only strengthen each other with unconditional acceptance and love. But that’s another blog post waiting for another day…

Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist


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