Even when no one is listening…

Oh goodness. I never thought I would come to this. Every time I look at my bookcase my brain process goes a little something like this….

“Oh hey! There’s a book I don’t need. Oooo and that one too. Hmmm why the hell did I even buy this? Time for all this crap to go.”

This is characteristically Un-Rachel-Like. Seriously, ask my room mate. Or anyone that really knows me. Jenna is all for it though because it means less crap setting around the living room; she will actually volunteer to help me sort through my unjustifiable amount of books and slowly help me to remove the emotional ties they have over me. It’s silly really, how emotionally attached we get to physical things. A good friend of mine brought up the concept of already assuming the items in our life as being broken or taken from us. That way, when they are we can appreciate the time we were given to use them instead of being upset over the “loss”. I think he has a point. That’s going to become my next focus- considering everything I have as being on loan.


In other news….I’ve gone back and forth with myself on what I wanted to blog about today. A couple of topics that didn’t make the cut today include:

Why Christians are so preoccupied with Sex

Why belief systems different from our own can be so threatening

What exactly is Free Thought…and is it dangerous

Do we need a God to be moral

The concepts of Heaven and Hell

I’ll let those rather obscure topics tease my reading audience. In the mean time, the idea that DID make the cut today…


Unlike family, we get to chose our friends. Sure people are thrown our way in life but we have an influence and choice on who we want to share our lives with. Friendship, or better yet companionship, in my opinion; is the highest form of love. Friends can step into your realm of ultimate venerability stab you in the heart with their honesty and end up making you a better person because of it. Friends can go without seeing you all week and be able to pick up right where you left off. Friends can enter into the deepest depths of your soul because they already accept you for who you are.

I’ve heard that when you find your soul-mate that’s supposed to be the highest form of love. I disagree. Soul-Mates are not limited to lovers alone.

I stumbled across this image on Pintrest and couldn’t agree more. And since the term soul-mate is almost always associated with marriage…a few thoughts on that as well.

If I ever do get married it’s going to be to someone I trust, respect and admire. Someone I can share all the little moments in life with, as well as, the big moments. Someone who is up for doing nothing and everything. Someone that shares my dreams while cultivating their own. That’s why friendship is so important. It’s easy to find a lover from friendship; it’s not so easy the other way around. That’s where I think society has really screwed up. Want to know why divorce rates are so high? It’s because we focus more on physical attraction, financial opportunity and “compatibility”. When we really should be focusing on living our lives. Figure out who you are. Walk your own path. See who ends up joining you. The ones who stay by your side are your friends, your companions, your soul mate(s). Once you find that individual that you can’t imagine spending your life without then that’s it. The one person that you can discuss anything with, disagree and still learn something. The friend that sticks with you even during your less than attractive moments in life. The person that makes getting up in the morning worth it because you know they care. That one soul that gives you great joy just because they exist.  See friendship is the highest love because it’s unconditional. Anyone who sees me exactly as I am and still chooses to stick around…well that’s the kind of people I want to spend the rest of my life surrounded by.   Romantic love alone is nothing compared to deep, unconditional, soul wrenching friendship.

Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist


Comments on: "“Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”" (1)

  1. lola ngudu said:

    I have met my soulmate.

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