Even when no one is listening…

Today I went for a walk around town. Tennis shoes on, head phones in, slightly chilled from the breeze brushing across my skin; as I wandered about observing my little piece of the planet. The world really is a beautiful place if we take the time to look.

Recently, I got glasses due to my eyesight slowly drifting towards nearsightedness. Can I see without my glasses? Yes, everything close is crystal clear. That’s part of the reason why I hesitated in getting my prescription filled. My vision was only a problem when I was struggling to see things from a distance. Getting glasses changed my perspective.

Putting them on for the first time was uncomfortable. They made my head hurt. And my poor nose wasn’t used to the pressure. Oh! But I could see! The foggy distance was now vibrant and clear. Trees actually had leaves. The sky had birds instead of blobs. Road signs had words 😉 Since the strain on my eyes had been lifted even things close up became enhanced. I looked at people in a whole new light. Everything was exciting, clear and beautiful. Up until then, I had no idea what I was missing.

On days like today, when I go on a walk through town and forget my glasses; I know that while what I see is nice I’m not seeing as clearly as I could.  And it frustrates me deeply.

Perspective is everything.

Not just in the visual aspects of life. We all look at the world through a different pair of glasses. We can’t help it. Our environment, education, religion, family, friends and experiences all shape who we are. These differences have potential to bring much good; but far too often we allow them to hinder our viewpoint. Just as my physical eye sight limited my clarity to what was nearby; sometimes we are so close-sighted that when we look at others who are separate from our vantage point we only see what we want to see. Our worldview fills in the gaps based on our preconceived assumptions. Sometimes these assumptions are correct. Others they are drastically wrong. Much like when I was driving without glasses. I had to guess what the road signs said from afar; which often lead to getting lost or angry.

A limited worldview is a dangerous thing.

Sure, it may be comforting, easy and beneficial to your little realm of reality. However, when it comes to outsiders that comfort falters, things get complicated and bigotry takes seed.

That’s why I’m advocating new lenses.

Keep your frames. They express you as a personal being; a freedom that every individual deserves. Throw away the lenses that harbor an attitude of bias, prejudice and intolerance. Once we start looking at each other without any impositions, assumptions or expectations the world becomes a more beautiful and peaceful place to exist. Does that mean we have to throw away our differences? No. Rather we celebrate them by coming to a clearer understanding of humanity, life and love.


It’s simple- A lifestyle of freethinking unconditional love.

It really is just that simple….BUT it won’t be easy.


You may come to realize that you were wrong about reality.

You may have to apologize and harvest humility in your life.

You might have to explain to others why you no longer see things their way.

You might encounter discomfort.

You might upset people just by sharing what you believe.

You may experience bigotry at the hands of those you trusted.

You might be falsely accused by those who misunderstand changes in your life.

You might lose your reputation.

You may feel alone.


Rest assured – you are not.


All that you may lose will be returned – only in a different form. Nothing truly ends it simply changes.


While I grieve the loss of my religion, which I so desperately wanted to be true I have not lost heart. While I have lost faith in faith, I have not lost hope in goodness. While I have lost family (biological & “church family”) and friends/acquaintances, I have gained the unconditional love and support from countless others who are all on the same journey.

I am not a martyr of reason.

I am not a victim of religion.

I am a content woman trying to live a life of honesty, integrity and selfless love.


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