Even when no one is listening…

Raw Thoughts

I feel like I’ve come to terms with the universe.

Contented by my acceptance of reality.

Humbled by my insignificance.

Vulnerable in my honesty.




Without shame, guilt or regret.

I am alive.

I am beautiful because I exist.

You are alive.

You are beautiful because you exist.

We are alive.

We are beautiful.

We are unified.


In the complexities of life there is simplicity.

Amidst the chaos of daily living.

Mingled within our essence.

Connected to infinity.




Abounding in truth, love and peace.

I am divine.

I am divine because I am cosmic.

You are divine.

You are divine because you are cosmic.

We are divine.

We are cosmic.

We are unified.

Reality is teetering on the scales of balance.

Light and darkness.

Heartache and joy.

Weakness and strength.




The constant struggle, battle and journey.

I am significant.

I am significant because I am rare.

You are significant.

You are significant because you are rare.

We are significant.

We are rare.  

 We are unified. 


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