Even when no one is listening…

<————– See that book there. Ya. That one riiiiiight over there.

That required reading for college that I never thought would amount to anything significant.


I. Was. Wrong.

This book changed my life.

This book sent me on a journey.

                                          Made me ask questions.


  • What if I had been born into another culture; would I still believe in god, the Christian bible, Jesus Christ? And if not…then does that mean I would be damned to hell because that’s the assumption made by Christianity and other faiths.
  • Why is my faith not subject to the same criticisms and questions that I use against other faiths?; because if we all have to play by the same rules then we are all wrong.
  • Are emotional experiences a reliable standard by which we can make choices concerning our belief system?If not, what is?
  • How is the concept of a “divine will” compatible with “free will”?
  • Why is religion immune from rational inquiry?

Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist



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