Even when no one is listening…

The Cross in the Closet

Twenty years from now when my children ask me what life was like during the civil rights issues of our day I want to be able to look them in the eye and honestly say I did my part to be a voice for those without one. Thirty years from now I want to teach my grandchildren to love every creature on earth or even other worlds with an infinite ferocity.  Forty years from now, when the next generation challenges my times, I want to stand beside them hand-in-hand cheering them on towards peace and change.

The seeds I sow today will impact the lives of those who come after me.

My way of thinking will shape the minds of the future.

One choice is a wave in an ocean of change.

Sounds daunting.

Needlessly though.

One person can change the world.

Only once they realize that to bring about change you must first change yourself.

 The Cross in the Closet helped me to realize this. The author, Timothy Kurek, decided to live for one year as a gay man in order to gain a fuller worldview. I admire this man for his raw honesty, courage and humility.  He purposely chose to be the minority; something that society encourages us to avoid. This book is a heart-wrenching tale that you will have a hard time separating yourself from. Amazon.com has a downloadable version of the book for $2.99 and it is well worth every cent.

After reading this book I see the necessity of empathy. If we seek to understand the world around us by humbling ourselves enough to take a willing walk in another person’s life the potential growth is inevitable. As a society, a country, a race we must be willing to look at others through their own eyes. Christians, this is what Jesus was all about. God’s son or not – Jesus was willing to change the world from the inside out by walking in humility and love among the outcasts of his time. Timothy Kurkek, mirrors Jesus’ life and message in The Cross in the Closet.  He is a real life example of what it means to love like Jesus did. Timothy, is a Christian I will gladly support.


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