Even when no one is listening…

NaNoWriMo Day #19

ImageToday I finished a phenomenal book written in the 1950’s by John Howard Griffin – Black Like Me.

Griffin, a white journalist went undercover as a black man in the deep south during the height of the Civil Rights Movement by taking skin pigment treatments orally and securing the effect with dyes rubbed onto his appendages and face. After reading The Cross In The Closet this book hit home. The Civil Rights Movement is a constant battle. Had I been alive during the racial equality battle of Griffin’s time I’d like to think I would have been a voice for the silent. Even today I am striving for equality in my community for all people. Griffin is a hero of sorts for entering into the prejudice heart first. If you haven’t already I would highly suggest Black Like Me. Griffin’s style is easy to read and digest. His sentiments reach across several decades relating to our modern day civil rights issues. You will not come back from this book unchanged.

-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist


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