Even when no one is listening…

Feeling Fabulous

After staying up all night relaxing and contemplating life with friends it was refreshing to have a day of physical activity. Today was the grand start of my fitness journey. We (Ben and I) walked/jogged 2.5 miles today during which I felt lame due to the lack of my running endurance. The running isn’t the hard part for me it’s the breathing. Asthma has plagued any physical activity I’ve set out to accomplish since I was thirteen. This week I decided that asthma is not going to negatively affect my personal fitness goals. Thursday I am going to set out a plan with my specialist on ways to beat asthma. So all of you fellow asthmatics out there if you have any secrets fill me in!

Any who, while I was panting my way around Columbia City feeling like a failure my buddy Benjamin gave me just the encouragement I needed. My support system is fabulous. Getting back into shape is an adventure I am sharing with my fabulous “family”. Here’s the workout schedule for the week:

Monday – Run/walk 2.5 Miles. Buddy: Ben

Tuesday – Yoga at the library. Buddy: Ben

Wednesday – Walk 3 miles. Buddy: Andria  & Jenna

Thursday – Consult with Dr. & personal yoga session

Friday – Walk/run 3 miles. Buddy: Andria

Saturday – Yoga. Buddy: Amara.

Sunday – Day off 🙂

By the way I found a handy dandy website for workout calendars. Check it out =D And keep reading for updates on this fitness journey. Image


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