Even when no one is listening…

What December Holds…


Now that NaNoWriMo is finished I am onto my next personal goal for the month of December. And since my goals don’t seem official until I write about them here’s my blog post publicly committing myself. Here’s what December has in store for me:


  • Continuation of my meat free vegetarian diet. I’ve been meat free for about a month and feel fabulous.
  • Drink more water. During this festive holiday season the temptations to drink away your calorie intake increase. I am committing to drinking water, tea and coffee this month with the occasional hot chocolate as a treat.
  • Run 3-4 days a week. That’s right, Rachel is taking up running. Thanks to my friend Ben I’ve got a running buddy. There are a couple of running events in our future BUT we are running just for the sake of running. My personal goal being to have a healthy body, learn to control my asthma during physical exercise and to inspire healthy living in others. A reward for keeping up on my commitment include purchasing these darling running shoes. 
  • Yoga 3-4 days a week. Nothing new here. Simply picking up a habit I lost after my move.


Let the reclaiming of my health commence….



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