Even when no one is listening…

Medicine For Our Souls

37999190575849238_j1LyFEoa_cBarnes and Noble is always a delight. Maybe it’s the fresh book smell lingering within the subtle hint of espresso or the thousands of literary spirits crowding the space. Or perhaps it’s the collection of knowledge caressing the walls creating an atmosphere of comfortable freedom. Yes, that’s it. Then there are the people. Oh, the assortment of souls! The grown man planted serenely midst superheros and dragons in the graphic novel section. The lady who buys your coffee just because she can saying “Nothing is better than free coffee.” The old man with a prosthetic arm passed out next to the kids working on their endless pile of math homework. The nook salesperson hunched over a paperback. My best friend picking through cook books making abstract faces without reason. Then there’s me. Setting like a sponge soaking in the vibrations of contentment, change and curiosity. Silly as it sounds this is where I do my best mediation. This is where my concerns melt away into bliss. Nothing matters anymore. Surrounded by humanity in all it’s forms. This is peace. This is hope. This is where my soul connects silently to the world I am both in and of.

Whatever your passion seek it out. Surround yourself with your dreams. Set aside moments to cultivate your soul whatever the method. Be. Do. Exist.


-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist



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