Even when no one is listening…

Look who made the news 😉

This past week has been phenomenal. Hell, this whole past month has been. Life in general is fabulous. Yes, I know my blog title may give the appearance of a girl with her head in the clouds BUT at least I am able to see the good more so than the bad. Life is full of balance. For every heartache there is a smile. For every bitter moment there is one filled with ecstasy. For every disappointment there is a hope for tomorrow. Being happy doesn’t come from happy circumstances. Being happy comes from being content no matter what. Twenty-Three years later I finally get that. Walking into a coffee shop in down town Ft. Wayne brought all these emotions to a culmination of reflection where I was filmed briefly for a piece on channel 15. All I did was show up to buy a hot chocolate and ended up on the five-o-clock news. To get what you want in life all you have to do is show up. Be. Exist. Breathe. Something wonderful is constantly waiting to happen. You don’t have to wait anymore. You just need to be. Good things are blossoming where you least expect it. Stop expecting. Stop planning out your life. Stop trying. Start living. Start living life without hesitation. Start doing.

-Slightly Over Dramatic Girly Optimist


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