Even when no one is listening…

Mutant Message

A dear friend shared this book with me after I mentioned to him my mysterious inner connection with Australia. Since a young age I’ve sensed a force beckoning me to the Outback. I still am unaware fully of why I sense this call but this book has offered some insight into the message Australia may hold. Mutant Message records the timeless journey of an American woman who is invited onto a walk about with the Real People. While I could easily quote the entire book I’ve struggled to select a few morsels that touched my soul.

“Much later I would understand that the releasing of attachment to objects and certain beliefs was already indelibly written as a very necessary step in my human progress toward being.” pg 8

“I had to learn to forgive myself, not to judge but to learn from the past. They showed me how vital is is to accept, be truthful, and love myself so I could do the same with others.” pg 64

“Humans cannot exist if everything that is unpleasant is eliminated instead of understood.” pg 69

“I liked the idea of looking back over my life and considering, even when it appeared I had made mistakes or poor choices; on some level of my being, it was the best I could do at the time. In the long run it was going to prove to be a step forward.” pg 99

“I learned that I could live more than one life in a lifetime.” pg 116

“Most die never knowing what it feels like to have stood naked in the rain.” pg 152


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