Even when no one is listening…


Should have paid attention

To that stupid dream

I should have listened

To all their warnings

 I knew it from the start

That you were no good

Destined to break my heart

Player from the hood


My first taste came from you

You didn’t have a clue

Now I’m left feeling used

I gave you everything

There’s no one else to blame

To you it’s just a game


Should have seen all the signs

Leading up to this

The hunger in your eyes

Complicating shit

Instead I fell in love

While you fell in lust

You’re incapable of

giving yourself up


My heart was on the line

You filled it up with lies

Now I’m wondering why

I gave myself to you

There’s simply no excuse

To you I’m just a screw


Tell me that I’m bitter

Tell me I’m a whore

Baby I know better

Baby I know more

No more second chances

Taking time for me

No more secret glances

You’re no good for me


My life is blossoming

You didn’t take a thing

Now you’re left wondering

I walked away from you

There’s nothing you can do

To me you’re just a fool


Tell me that I’m stupid

Tell me I’m a bitch

Go on and lose your head

Go on throw your fit

No more explanations

Calling out the bull shit

No more jerk reactions

You’re just not worth it


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