Even when no one is listening…


This past week my emotions decided to take a giant shit on my life. An early visit from mother nature combined with the presentation of far too many paths for one girl’s choosing had me in a jumbled mess. There is nothing more terrifying than losing yourself. Even the thought of it sends my heart into convulsions. Moments like these are crucial to personal development. Chaos. Heartache. Confusion. Normally we shrug them away hastily as negative entities that have no healthy place in our personal experiences. Oh, but how we thrive off of the struggle. We learn the most from discomfort. There’s no better teacher than disappointment. I get it now better than ever. There are some things you can only learn by diving into the darkness. Balance baby. It’s all about balance. If you spend your energies focused on only learning in the day light you’re cheating yourself out of 50% of life’s educational factors. So get with it. You can either fight against the tide or roll with the punches OR fight the tide while throwing kick ass moves. I mean the choice is really yours 😉 I may not be happy all the time but I sure am content no matter what because my happiness is not dependent on circumstances. My happiness comes from within. That’s why it’s so important to stay real. True to you. No one else. So to all the haters who tried convincing me that I was gonna regret my life thus far – I don’t. You all might be in the business of keeping secrets and wishing away past choices. Not this girl. I tend to accept reality in all it’s ugliness because sometimes you gotta go through shit to find the silver lining.



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