Even when no one is listening…

As if knitting wasn’t cool enough already I stumbled across a tutorial on “Arm Knitting”. That’s right. Arm knitting. No needles. Just your two appendages and some yarn. Okay a lot of yarn. Anywho, this was one of those pintrest projects that looks potentially awesome but in the back of your mind leaves you skeptical. In the end, things ended up being even more awesomer (ya I am rocking that non existent word) than I would’ve imagined. Here’s my current stock as of this morning.Image

Several others have already been distributed to friends 🙂













Two of the sweetest people alive: Andi & Chad.




















And the loverly Miss Amara Gilraine.

If you’re interested in one hit me up or you can wait until the Farmer’s Market where ‘The Betches’ and I will be setting up a booth =D


Peace Out,




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