Even when no one is listening…


Reflection. Contemplation. Thought. Focused energy. Balancing. Centering. Higher consciousness. Deep self inquiry.

Meditation takes many forms reflective of the spiritual body partaking in the process. This post is not a “How-To” on meditation rather a compilation of ways I’ve found to express my meditative heart. Gleam what you will and leave behind what doesn’t serve you.


1. Journaling. 99% of the time I’ve got my journal on me. My natural tendency comes in writing. Since I am a verbal processor writing serves as an outlet to sort out my thoughts into a more concrete conclusion. These pages are a record of my transformation as an individual connected to the greater whole. I enjoy reflecting on my reflections throughout the years; often times learning from my former self. Journaling need not be a burden. Come to the process without expectation or demand. Write what flows from your heart. Let the words float through you keeping what you may and freeing what doesn’t serve you on your journey. Follow your intuition.


2. Yoga. Deep breathing, stretching, focus. These are the essentials of yoga. Posture and form come with practice. A few poses a day can make all the difference. As my buddy Chad says, “Mediation is an intentional slowing.” Yoga, in my experience, encourages mindfulness. Being in tune with your physical self is just as valuable as being in tune with your spirit. Both aspects are interconnected. If you know your body you know yourself. For those of you in Columbia City, the local library offers yoga classes. Or better yet – watch a video, buy a book, make friends with a yoga instructor. Image

3. Hydration.  The liquid portion of my diet consists of mostly water, tea and coffee (in moderation). Staying hydrated is vital to meditative health. After all, your body is comprised of 70% water. Keep the system healthy. Hydrate your body and you’ll hydrate your soul.


4. Music. The language of the world. Music crosses all boundaries. Music has the power to soothe, annoy, excite, depress, ignite. Set the mood with some tunes. Use some of your favorite songs to help you drown out the noise

bringing you wherever you desire.


5. Incense. Candles. Essential oil. Perfume.  Anything with a pleasant aroma. Your sense of smell has remarkable impact on your mood. We associate a number of experiences and  memories  with particular smells. That little nose of yours has super memory. Use that to your advantage by training your body to associate a specific smell(s) with the practice of meditation.


6. Do something mundane. For me it’s knitting. I don’t even have to think about what I am doing with my hands when it comes to yarn. Engaging in a mundane activity gives your body an outlet for built up energy while leaving room for your mind to interact with your thoughts. Running, walking, sport activities, drawing, painting, driving- anything that you can do well in auto-pilot. This is a great process for those days when you have a lot of pent up energy.


7. Surround yourself with inspiration. This photograph is just a glimpse of what my roomie Jenna and I fondly refer to as “The Random Wall” of our apartment living room. This wall holds a vast collection of inspiring quotes, photos and art that is continually growing. Creating an environment that reflects your highest joy is vital to maintaining a healthy state of awareness.


Do you practice mediation? Why or why not? What are some of your methods? Is mediation effect, a load of hog wash or somewhere in between? Let the discussion begin….


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