Even when no one is listening…


Recently I started an Observation Journal. While my daily journal is on my person at all times, this journal rests by my bed waiting for me each night. This is where I record objective, non-judgement statements about my body, emotions and activities for the day. Sort of a ledger for keeping track of my physical body changes, self-esteem and  body image. The key is non-judgement. Strictly observation of self.

You can do this in relation to any aspect of self. My daily journal is more of an emotional vomit across the pages moment by moment. While my Observation Journal is a no judgement zone in relation to my physical self. Over the years I’ve picked up unhealthy habits in relationship to food, exercise and physical beauty. All of us Westerners are constantly being exposed to negatively unnatural expectations of what it means to be human. Men, women and transgender alike. We are conditioned to hate our bodies regardless. If you’re too fat then no worries because someone somewhere is too thin. A constant battle of unsatisfied expectations. A losing battle.

So how do we win the war?

Be self aware.

Get naked.Know yourself. Become acquainted with all that youness society says to keep hidden. Get comfortable in your own skin.


Love your physical form. Love your “flaws”. Love your blemishes. Love your natural self.


Then simply exist. Relishing in who you are while working towards who you want to be starting the process all over again each day.

Self awareness + love = a meaningful existence. 

For those of you interested in starting your own Observation Journal ——> Check.Me.Out.  Make it your own. Focus on being not doing. And remember, “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”



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