Even when no one is listening…

A Third Of The Way There


Feeling rather accomplished this morning after staying up late last night to finish Part One of Three of my memoirs.  A huge thanks to Andi for proof reading the first six chapters and offering input. My goal is to be finished editing by the end of May. Keep checking back for further updates.



-Rachel ❤


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  1. I totally understand the feeling,but your lucky to have Andi to help with proof reading you see i have published two books and had to proof read them all myself and after proof reading them for the eight time you get tried of reading. Of course my book’s our not novels nor are they short stories of any kind there are educational books educating people about food history. Boring huh? yeah, i know but i working on one that more a non fiction book murder suspense but i think its becoming dead in the water. I asked my publisher what i should do and he told me that kid’s self help books are a big seller, so i started writing about that, can’t reveal too much about it but it’s kid and his dog that deiced to help others out through the adventures they do together. So i have been up late at nights working on this so i understand the hard work and dedication it takes to write.

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