Even when no one is listening…

Today was a wellness day 🙂 Hit the gym with my girl Amara for a couple hours. I’m lovin’ the wealth of knowledge she has on organic choices, dietary needs, strength training, yoga etc. Any question, this girl has an answer. This afternoon we made green smoothies consisting of: diced cucumber, freshly squeezed lemon juice, raw ginger, spinach and blueberries. Can we say “YUM”? Super filling as well! I could hardly get the last bit of mine down. While I didn’t get photos of the smoothie endeavor; I DID have my girl Andi document an organic cooking experience tonight.


After scanning the shelves of Kroger for a healthy organic salad dressing I said “Hell, I can make this!” Grabbing some organic frozen raspberries I constructed a recipe in my mind. Simple. Only three ingredients.


Apple cider vinegar, raw honey & frozen raspberries.


Threw ’em all in the blender. And in a matter of seconds I had the BEST Raspberry Dressing EVER! Now, I am notorious for not measuring while cooking/baking but if you’re looking to try this out use about: 2 cups Raspberries, 4 tablespoons honey & 3/4 cups apple cider vinegar. Image

And three ingredients for the salad:Spinach, peppers and green onion. Yummmmmmm


Viola! Just look at all that scrumptious goodness!!


Slightly blurry…but MMMMMM!


And for dessert 🙂 Tea!


Are you food conscious? What are YOUR thoughts on the organic non-processed foods movement? What habits are you working to cultivate into your daily living? 


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