Even when no one is listening…

Pampered by the Universe

The Universe is pampering me today. My morning began with a gentle awakening. Tiny bits of winter sun shimmering through the curtain hanging at the foot of my bed. Slowly, I emerge from the blankets; making my way to the living room. I treat myself to breakfast –  a nourishing protein shake. I am in tune with my body. Aware of it’s needs and desires. This week has been strenuous with daily exercise and strength training. Pushing the limits of my physical form. Time well spent planting seeds of healthy habits after years of abuse. Each night I am left with a deep satisfaction manifested in the soreness of my tissues; subtly worn.

Today is a day of rest. Time set aside to relish in nothingness. Paying attention to the state of my being. Belly full, I drive to the library. The weather has left the roads slick from ice pellets falling on the earth. I am grateful for shelter as I walk inside.  Warmth. Temperature and energy alike. Comfort lined on the endless rows of literature. I feel at home. After selecting a stack of books to devour over the upcoming week. I make my way downstairs to the auditorium. It’s nearly ten am yet I am the only one present. Our instructor meets me at the door. Cheerful. Relaxed. Inviting.

We lay down our mats. My body anticipating the coming release of tension. Jodi’s generosity flows freely. I am thankful for this experience, for her healing heart, willingness to share a wealth of knowledge with me. The weather has prevented others from joining us. No matter. We are here. Together. Wholly present. I with a desire to learn. Jodi with a desire to teach. Yin Yang. Balance. A giving and receiving of love. Patiently. Calmly. Without expectation. Each movement bringing release, making room for another week of blessings. Emptying myself of that which no longer serves me. That which is no longer a reflection of my being. Intention of reality. Purpose found in letting love flow through my veins.

Rejuvenated, I rise from my mat. Words of gratitude exchanged sealed with a hug.


A spirit of allowance breathes within my flesh. A bit of money has been gifted to me from the Universe. I set out seeking abundance in any form. Expectantly un-expecting.  Items I’ve been desiring are granted to me all within budget. Upon cashing out I am told that my purchases are discounted further without reason. I am without complaint. Once home, I order wellness items online; only to find that I’ve been gifted an allotment of further finds bringing my total to a mere $2.74. Yes, the Universe is pampering me today. Giving so that I may give unto others. Filling so that I may fill other hearts. Leaving me without want. I find myself reflecting on all that has been poured into my existence. Contented. Sipping a vanilla spiced chai while soaking in the remnants of lavender oil bestowed upon me that morning. Here I set now. Grateful. Aware. Wholly present. Satisfied. Eager to share my wealth with anyone willing to accept my gift of love. Overflowing. Spilling unto passing souls sharing collective nows. ❤ The Universe is always readily available. Willing to assist  Allow her beauty to seep your soul. Soak her in. Spill her out.

Be. Love. Be love.

– Rachel ❤


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