Even when no one is listening…

What’s your position? Those opposing marriage equality – What is your justification for denying equal rights based on sexual orientation? How does this differ from the civil rights movement? Open forum.


Comments on: "“No freedom till we’re equal. Damn right I support it.”" (1)

  1. What if a government’s definition of marriage disagrees with how a church defines it? What if a secular power overturns a religious organization’s freedom to practice its faith in favor of enforcing what legislation has determined is a couple’s right? There’s certainly a precedent for this. Pastors in Canada who preach against homosexuality are charged with hate crime and censored – if that happens here, what happens to freedom of speech/religion? Catholic schools (which are not federally funded) have already come under fire in this country for not cooperating with the government mandate to supply students with contraceptives, which are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church. If equality for everyone is really the goal, then these are valid concerns.

    The government, if it is of, by, and for the people, must uphold the wishes of the majority, and if same-sex marriage is favored by the majority and is upheld by the government, then democracy has won! So be it! Still, the government must be of, by, and for ALL the people, not just the majority. I wonder whether the rights of those in religious communities to practice their faith will be compromised rather than upheld. Will churches be forced to recognize unions they oppose based on their own convictions, for example? An equal society must achieve balance here if everyone’s freedoms are to be protected.

    And how comfortable are you with the concept of marriage, homosexual or heterosexual, being defined by the government? What is “marriage”, anyway? Is a life-long, exclusive commitment between two people only legitimate when a government (or religious institution) officially recognizes it? If I say I believe God alone can determine whether a marriage is sacred and legitimate (and I do say it, to be clear), regardless of what a secular government dictates, am I an enemy of civil rights as defined by evolving social criteria? Your position is clear, and I respect that, but your phrasing sounds more like “what’s the opposition’s justification for impeding progress?” than “what are the views and concerns of the opposition?”, and this issue is just more complex than that.

    Anyway, thanks for your patience! 🙂

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