Even when no one is listening…

In the past month I’ve had a number of people comment on my “togetherness.” Their compliments were rather eye-opening; pointing out aspects of my being that I took for granted.

“Rachel, you’re the most put together person I know.”

“You always look so presentable.”

“Thank you for being calm during that chaotic time. I’m not sure how you do it but you always have a calming presence in tense situations. So levelheaded.”

“Out of everyone here you’re the one that’s got her shit together the most.”

Funny thing is I don’t always FEEL like I have my “shit together”. I am human. I am broken. I am healing. I am focused on my path. I’ve learned that a sense of clarity only comes from within. You must learn to develop inner peace despite circumstances. Freaking out accomplishes nothing. Getting pissed tends to make matters worse.

Dwelling destroys while fluidity flourishes.
Experience emotions.
Face your fears.
Claim clarity.

The choice is yours. Are you willing to work for a balanced life?The most common excuse I get when posing this questions sounds a lil something like this – “Maybe if I only had to worry about myself then I could get myself together.”

Hog wash. If you’re constantly waiting for an until then moment you’ve got the wrong idea about inner peace. There’s no waiting only being. Either you will or you won’t. Regardless of everything else. Don’t let your love for others stifle your love for self. Only by taking time to love yourself will you be fully capable of loving others. Tragically simple. So easy to miss. Get “selfish”. Give yourself permission to take care of business. YOU matter. YOU are capable. YOU are powerful. YOU come first.

That’s the secret of living abundantly. If you want to be happy then be happy. Stop making excuses. Take charge of your life.

It. Really. Is. That. Simple. 


Rachel ❤


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