Even when no one is listening…

ImageRunning draws out parts of my heart in need of healing. Running exposes areas of weakness in my soul. Running pushes me further than I’ve ever dared to venture.Running leaves me vulnerable yet strong. Running makes me uncomfortable. Running makes me sore. Running doesn’t let me make excuses. Running has become part of who I am moving me towards the stronger person I am becoming with each new step. 


Yesterday, I ran my first Five K. Something I NEVER thought I could achieve with the limited training I’ve had. I went into it having never run a mile non-stop. My goal was simple – completion. Run, jog, walk or crawl I was crossing that finish line. 

Two weeks beforehand I began dreading the race. I was already disappointed in myself. Doubting my strength. Feeling pathetic. The day I registered for the race I told Ben (Best Friend and personal trainer) that I didn’t want to back out; that no matter what he wasn’t allowed to take any excuses from me.

And he didn’t.

Daily reminders to run, eat right and push myself. The pain in the ass friend I needed him to be. Come race day I was a mess. After a month of training I still hadn’t run a mile non-stop, let alone 3.1. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to run. I didn’t want to be disappointed in myself. Happy, optimistic, bubbly Rachel had turned into a stubborn, cranky witch. 

Then the love started pouring in. Facebook messages and texts coming from friends cheering me on before the race. Chad offered hugs while Ben took the brunt of my complaints and self-doubt. Despite a bum knee, Ben ran with me the entire time. Helping me pace, reminding me to breath and keeping me focused on the finish line. We made it to the 2K mark before I had to slow down. 1.3 miles non-stop. That alone was reason to celebrate. I could have stopped right there, having already beat my personal goal, and walked the rest of the way. And that’s exactly what I WANTED to do until Ben dared me to push myself further. I was running this race. No excuses. 

I had to walk a bit here and there. My vision blurred at one point. About 4K in I thought I was going to pass out. And by the time I crossed the finish line I thought I was going to projectile vomit all over the mascot high-fiving me at the end. 

But I finished that race.

I finished well.

I finished strong. 

ImageThank you for pushing me. Thank you for not taking my frustrations personal. Thank you for believing in me. I have the BEST support system a girl could ask for. No doubt about it. 



Now that I know what I am capable of I feel confident to tackle my next race. My goal is 37:00 mins. I’ve already registered for my next race on May 11th in Warsaw. Ben is running is first Half-Marathon that day! So come out to support the both of us! 


Much Love & Peace,






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