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The Vow – Book Review

the-vow-poster-thumb-550x825-63711Remember when this tantalizing movie came out? Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams, tragedy, romance, love and anticipation. Did you know it was a book? Did you know it was a book based on true events? If you stayed long enough after the credits you did! The Vow , is based on the true story of Krickitt and Kim Carpenter. Their love story, enduring trials after a devastating accident and recovery in the aftermath are all recorded in this easy read – pictures included (yay!!).   While the book is dripping with religious cliches it is a riveting read; even for those who have already seen the movie. Kim’s honest transparency is heart felt. Details of the accident are gruesome but add an element that the movie lacks. Kim and Krickitt’s tale is life changing. A testament of true love and dedication. Besides the somewhat redundant religious references there was only one element of this book I felt was lacking. Krickitt’s point of view. While the book is listed as being written by the couple, Kim’s voice is the only one heard, describing events that I would have liked to heard from Krickitt’s perspective. Needless to say, this book is worth a read for those who enjoyed the movie. Hmmm maybe that’s what I’ll do tonight 😉

Taken from page 95 of the book, my favorite section documenting Kim’s fierce devotion and love for his wife…



 I was like her own personal Jillian Michaels. If Scott told her to do ten sit-ups, I wanted twenty; if he wanted her to walk five minutes on the treadmill, I wanted ten. True to form, Krickitt was not very happy with me in my new role.

A week or two into the new year, Krickitt and I were playing Wiffle ball. I tossed the ball to her underhanded, and she swung and missed time and again.

“Come on, Krick,” I prodded, “I know you can hit it. Let’s try again.”

“I’m tired,” she answered with a pout. I could suddenly see what my wife had been like as a six-year old.

“Let’s do this a few more times,” I encouraged her.

“I don’t want to.” There was that first grader again.

“Please?” As I said it, I tossed her the ball one more time. Pressing her lips together she gave a mighty swing and connected with the ball. We both watched it sail over the nearby volleyball net.

“That’s it, Krick! Way to go!” I was elated.

“You’re mean to me.”

“Not mean,” I answered back. “Just trying to help.” For the thousandth time I looked hard for the woman I had fallen so incredibly in love with. I knew she was in that slowly recovering body, struggling to get out. She just had to be. I didn’t want to consider the alternative.


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