Even when no one is listening…

We could’ve had something beautiful

Had you not been hung up on her

She stole your heart

Left you out to dry

But you’re still waiting

For her to come by

How long will you wait

For something that may never arrive

If she wanted to be with you

Then she’d be by your side

I’m walking away

Because it hurts loving you

When you can’t even

Look me in the eye

All I did was care

And give myself to you

But it’s not good enough

That I can see

You want her

You don’t want me

So I hurt a bit

Not for my sake

But for the sake of

What could’ve been

What should’ve been

We teetered in-between the lines

Hoping for the best

Denying what was

Two hearts falling in love

Till you put on the brakes

Emotionally shut off

Built a wall

That I hurt myself trying to climb

Now I’m jumping off

Falling free

Into the sky

Soaring high and far

Flying towards infinity

Maybe someday

You’ll catch up to me

Take my hand

And land together

Not today

Maybe never

I’m not holding onto hopes

The way you cling to her

I’m living life

I’m freeing myself of you

Not because I want to

Because I fell for you

And now I’m falling back

Into who I am

Regardless of what was

Or what could’ve been

What should’ve been

Memories shared

If only for a bit

I’m living life

While you die inside




I’m sorry love

For what she did to you

More so

For what you’re doing to yourself


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