Even when no one is listening…

Today is a day of celebration. I’ve lost twenty pounds in the past four months. Throughout the journey I have learned to love my body no matter what form it takes. I chose to take steps towards being a healthy person through a vegetarian and restricted processed food diet. Diet meaning a PERMANENT life style change. Not once did I feel restricted or denied. Rather my tastes changed to craving healthier options. Exercise has played an important role as well. Training for a marathon, yoga and strength training have all attributed to a healthy and happy Rachel. I’ve never felt this alive before. And I know it will only get better from here. Sure there are obstacles along the way. Fears to face. People to prove wrong 😉 Life is a challenge. The minute we stop pushing ourselves is the moment we stop growing. Never give up. Never clam up. Never doubt yourself. If this girl can do it….YOU can too!

Mama, I am proud of you for making healthy choices recently and your willingness to try new adventures with me. Looking forward to our Five K together 🙂 I love you so much!

481998_4386742989946_716500142_n (1)

Here’s me on my 23rd birthday at the Indiana State Fair posing next to what might possibly be the girliest tractor on planet earth.


Here’s me, today,  grinning girlishly outside Brew’ha thanks to Andira making me laugh.


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