Even when no one is listening…


Today I finished my first book of memoirs. Unexpectedly too, while setting at a small table by the window in half price books while waiting for my best friend to finish up her selections in the art section. The entire work is hand written. I will be spending the next few weeks typing up the manuscript for a select few friends to proof read. I feel empty now. Accomplished but empty. A strange feeling after having written something so heartfelt, lengthy and difficult. Ironically, I also filled the last page of my journal today. In many ways, today marks the end of an era in my life. Tomorrow the beginning of something new, fresh and beautiful.


Spotted this lovely hot pink masterpiece at Barnes and Noble. Needless to say, it matches my perspective entirely. After sharing twenty-three chapters worth of intimately difficult life experiences and lessons; I am more than ready for an adventuresome Summer full of hope and healing. I’m letting “other pens dwell on guilt and misery” while I bask in the beauty of the sunshine being poured out in abundance over me. 


This card being one of those delightful rays. I love my cousins. They know me so well. Emily picked out this piece; which Victoria gifted me today immediately after the completion of my book. No, this was not planned. Unknowingly, they bestowed the most perfect of blessings. This little card is going to be the first thing that gets framed in my new apartment. That’s right. I am moving. Not far. Just a couple blocks down the street to a quaint upstairs studio apartment next door to my dear friends Andria and Brandon. Life truly is falling together nicely.


Now I find myself celebrating solo by watching “Stranger than Fiction”. A movie I have seen at least ten times and could watch at least ten more. Stay posted for further updates on the book – Becoming Rachel: The Art of Existing. Can’t wait to share the finished product with all my readers!

Much  love always,



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