Even when no one is listening…

“Why do I write?
I write because

I see something

or touch something

or smell something

or feel something

that I cannot understand

until I try to describe it

 in written


0-10-schutz   The poetry of Susan Polis Schutz comes as a gentle yet forceful wind brushing past my being carrying memories of who I am, where I am and why I am. Memories of late nights turned into early mornings spent scribbling away for hours all in an effort to capture one tender emotion into ‘just the right words.’ Memories of my great grandmother’s genuine writings shared in the few letters we wrote back and forth over a summer and even more found shortly after her death. Memories of love denied but never withheld. Memories of struggle and discipline. Memories of the unchanging winds of Spring and Summer. Memories of purposeful loneliness and solitude. Memories of secret joy expressed in a verse of delightful hidden meanings. Memories of moments I will carry with me forever. Memories that shaped my person into the longingly sometimes desperate romantic writer I am today – and always will be.

Schutz and I come from the same shared spirit. Of that I am certain. I’m spending my warm
(almost) Summer days soaking in every word of every book this lovely soul has ever written. Someday I hope to add her works to my personal library. For now, I am grateful that my home library is part of the Evergreen system allowing me the satisfaction of breathing in the beauty of her thoughts spilled across pages of love. If you have not read Schutz’s work take the time to do so. Make time. You will not be disappointed. \

Her works are many but allow me to share my top five:



Simply put on some Ben Harper while cozied up with any of these titles and I assure you only the highest of bliss.

Happy Reading,



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