Even when no one is listening…


Addicted to heart break

Falling hard

Falling fast

Falling because I can

Falling just to fall


Attracted to dysfunction

Guess it’s better than nothing

Dysfunction likes my company

My company enjoys dysfunction

Just when I think I’ve got things

Sorted out

Another wave comes around

Takes me by surprise

Each and every time

I’m far too innocent and hopeful


The world dumps on me in heaps

And like a love sick fool

I carry the load

Attached to all the beautiful ugly things

Another reason I am far too loving

I know this won’t last

It never does

But that doesn’t prevent me

From hoping against hope

That it will

For once

Actually end well

Or not at all

I think I’m getting closer

Just one more sever

Just one more devastation

Just one more heart break

Just one more

Just one more



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