Even when no one is listening…

You’ve Changed Man.


People seem to have a hard time with change. And recently, I’ve undergone a lot of it. I am becoming a better person. A better Rachel. A better version of me.

My book, Becoming Rachel: The Art of Existing,  channels my journey of change. While I am looking forward to sharing my written account of my life with the world a bit of me is nervous. This book is an outpouring of my heart. Documented experiences of my transformation as a person. With each step along the way I’ve encountered opposition. Becoming Rachel, has been tiresome. More so, rewarding.

I love this cartoon.

The world is full of caterpillars refusing to become butterflies. Out of fear. Out of prejudice. Out of shame.

The world is full of butterflies afraid to use their wings. Stifling their beauty because others don’t understand the beauty of their transformation.

The world is full of experienced butterflies offering support and wisdom. Having already journeyed through the darkness of their cocoon and the expectations of others.  This is the kind of butterfly I want to be. And when I am faced with a bitter caterpillar I choose to reach out in love. I cannot judge them. I used to be that scared little worm. Judgmental, arrogant, ignorant and terrified. That is a difficult place to be. Trust me. I know.

Who ever or what ever or where ever you are….please know that this butterfly loves you. Just as you are. Change is possible. Change is beautiful. Change is the only certainty of life. Let me walk with you. Fly with you. Experience life with you.

The world is full of beautiful people who love you. You are not alone. Becoming you, the truest most natural version of you, is a choice you will not regret. Opposition is an opportunity. Change a challenge. There are those who will not understand. Love them. As the universe loves you. This is living. This is love. This is life.


Much love,



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