Even when no one is listening…

0606130842aLast night, I stabbed myself in the hand while attempting to remove a label from a bottle that I wanted to use for a craft project. The knife went about 3/4 inch in and the cut was an inch across. After removing the knife from my hand, I stopped the bleeding and ran over to my neighbor’s Andria & Brandon’s apartment down the hall. They helped me calm down, since at this point my body was going into shock. Brandon drove me to the urgent care office while I called my mom about insurance information. That lovely woman somehow managed to pull herself together and make it to town in record time.

0606130843This was one of those things I knew I had the strength to face alone. But I didn’t have to. Remnants of love gifted me prepared me for this moment.  Words of my yoga instructors on the importance of maintaining control of your breath. Diagrams from my First Aid certification training. The calming presence of friends who literally dropped everything to help me. My mother’s support while I got six stitches in my left hand. Yes, I could have done this alone. I am super grateful that I didn’t have to. Whenever I feel alone, I think of moments like this. Showered in love exactly when I need it most.

I’ve got the best support system in the world. My mama stocked me up on painkillers and bandages. Andi and I watched Eat, Pray, Love. I am banned from work for 48 hours so my girlfriends from work are coming to see me tonight. Until then, I am blessed with an unexpected day off that I fully intend on spending reading and working on typing up my book (with the one good hand I’ve got).

This girl is super grateful. I was pretty close to stabbing myself into permanent nerve damage. I live in a country with good health care options. I didn’t pass out. haha. And I am not this guy….


That’s a shameless Game of Thrones reference in case you didn’t catch it 😉

Thanks for the love and support,



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