Even when no one is listening…

The Race I Didn’t Run

Yesterday was supposed to be my first Ten K. A race Ben and I have had on our calender for over a month. The plan was to wake up early, drive to Lagro, and do my best despite all the breathing problems I’ve been having this past week.

Instead, we had a Murphy’s Law kind of morning. Almighty Google let us down when it came to directions. We spent all morning driving endlessly into unfamiliar territory hoping for the best. A forty-five minute drive ended up as a two hour quest that brought us to the starting line blocked off from the registration area forced to watch the punctual participants take off. Needless to say- we missed the race.

And even though everything went “wrong” I am super grateful things turned out the way they did. As we sat in the truck, watching the race go by I realized something something- I am one bad ass runner.

Three months ago I was struggling to even run a measly mile.  Now I can run five; and am ready to conquer six. Most of the runners weren’t even running. Barely a quarter mile in and they had resorted to walking. Not running this race was exactly what I needed.

Thank you Ben for driving three hours in the middle of nowhere so I could experience a moment of empowerment as a runner.

A huge thanks to my wonderful support team who cheered me on for the race I didn’t get to run 😉 There aren’t any Ten K races in July close enough for me to run. So Ben and I are running our own Ten K on Tuesday. Then my 1/2 marathon in September with a couple of Five K’s in between (See Race Schedule Below). In the meantime, I’m going on a mini vacation to Tennessee with my girl Amara this weekend. Stay posted on the exciting things to come!!


Summer Race Schedule 

July 6th – Loon Lake 5 1/2 K

July 27th – North Webster Dixie Run 5K

August  24th – Color Me Rad 5K


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