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Beneath Your Beautiful

Pre 4th of July Celebration :)

Enjoying our pre 4th celebration: Jen and I

Been crazy busy as of late. Between celebrating with friends, organizing the apartment, working out, running and waiting tables I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath since our trip to Tennessee.  On the third, after a horrible night at work, a few friends and I had an impromptu get together at my apartment to celebrate the 4th of July.

Decided to call off work (something I NEVER do) to enjoy my holiday at the lake with Ben doing absolutely nothing but watching the  party on the lake. Then on the 6th, I headed to Rome City to watch the fireworks with my cousins.

Emily, me and Victoria; watching the Rome City Fireworks on July 6th

Emily, me and Victoria; watching the Rome City Fireworks on July 6th

Then I headed back into the world of waiting tables: a profession I have come to love deeply on many levels. An abundance of life lessons and friendships have come about because of it. When I think about all the bullshit I’ve learned to handle….all the life changing  relationships I have been blessed with….all the days I’ve been pushed to my limit…all the random surprises…and genuine people I’ve met….I feel slightly overwhelmed.

My girl Razi and I hard at work ;)

My girl Razi and I hard at work 😉

It’ll be three years in September that I’ve been working in the restaurant business. What they say is true; it really does take a special kind of person to wait tables. If it’s not your passion then you’ll be miserable. You can make a small fortune turning tables if you know what you’re doing.

Signs it's been a good night

Signs it’s been a good night

I’ve also had a surplus of best friend time this week. Victoria helped me decorate my apartment. Helps to have a tall friend when you’re nailing things into the wall. haha.


I also got to spend a rather enthusiastic evening with Ben: drinking, listening to music and  burning a box of things symbolizing old parts of my life that I am letting go of to make room for new and exciting ventures.


Now I am back to waiting tables this weekend, pulling doubles, while trying to squeeze in some writing and hanging out with friends. Life is good. I truly am blessed.

Rachel ❤


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