Even when no one is listening…




And somethings in life
are too beautiful
far too precious
to actually
be happening
Heart please don’t
Float away
Reason give me
the will to stay
All this beauty
is breaking my heart
Why can’t I
just be happy
going on
my merry way
Becuase I care
far too much
to let this moment
slip through my
What they say
turned out to be true
is worth the wait
for all things change
you can fight it
but you can’t stop
or else
you’ll be playing
catch up in the end
So go with the flow
and run with the tide
For this
is the way of life
Don’t fear the beauty
or dread the rest
Adjust your sails
feel the wind
in your hair
The sun on
your face
Somethings in life are
far too fleeting
far too retreating
Here for an instance
then gone for good


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