Even when no one is listening…


True love

is always weeping


deep within.


in a corn field

cold earth

beneath our bodies,

I held you

as you felt

the intensity

of your love

for him.

The muscles

in your face




in an expression

that silently

broke my heart.

Never before

have you looked

so beautiful.

I told you this

with the sun

glowing majestically

at your back.

In that moment

 I knew you felt





and you were.

At your darkest moment

you shone the brightest.

I shed a tear

for you,

my best friend

 my soul mate

my better half

my sister

loyal to a fault.

I knew this was a pain

you needed to embrace.

I knew this was a moment

you would look back on

as the day you chose

to love yourself.

An overwhelming

wave of warmth

consumed me.

To be privileged

to see you

in this rawness.

 The nakedness

of your love.


You give until

you’re spent

then somehow

find more

to love with.

For this

I admire your heart

adore your soul

am blessed to call you mine.

A heart

I’d be crushed

to break

a soul

I’d be devastated

 to lose.

We watched the sunset

rays of warmth

spread across our skin

lying on the earth

soaking it in



certain in our uncertainty

Happy and free

during our sorrow

Letting go

opening up

free to love



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