Even when no one is listening…

Me Before You


I fear that the intermingling of our souls

Will be both the mending and the breaking

of our persons

People seem to come and go

healing past hurts left by others

before leaving wounds of their own

for someone else to come along

and heal

I’ve broken many hearts

(Or so I’m told)

Now they’re telling me

I’ve broken yours

I can see it in your eyes

In the way you say

or don’t say things

There’s a secret

lying behind your lips

a secret

not even I can release

You’re afraid

to tell me

I’m afraid

for your heart

knowing full well that

with each exciting detail

with each personal victory

I’m letting you down

by falling in love

with the man

who broke my heart

(the one you helped to mend)

the man who won’t

try to change me

who adores me

as is

who somehow found the courage

deep inside

to tell me how he feels

the secret

hiding within your lips


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